2 Maryland Avenue, Carrara, sold for $ 6.2 million.

A stately home dubbed “the original Gold Coast mansion” in the 1980s for its lavish parties and celebrity guests, sold for $ 6.2 million.

The transaction rounded off the exceptional sales of prime real estate for the Gold Coast in the past 12 months, with the Maryland sale being the largest in Queensland in the last week of the fiscal year.

The house is in the French-provincial style.

The French provincial house on 2 Maryland Avenue in Carrara is owned by the De Viana Fernandez family and has a solid reputation on the Gold Coast Sinatra, who allegedly stayed there when they came to Australia in 1988 for the official opening of Sanctuary Cove.

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The owners spent four years making it as authentic as possible.

Many furnishings were sourced in Europe.

The sale last week by real estate agency Kollosche paid off for the family, who bought the house from Ian Hofmeier in 2013 for $ 1.899 million.

The De Viana Fernandezes resumed it in December after spending four arduous years and a seven-figure sum making the property not only an authentic example of French provincial design, but also a spacious and functional single family home.

No expense was spared in the revision.

No expense was spared in the renovation of the house, which, according to Ms. De Viana Fernandez, included several extensions and upgrades to the pool and pool house.

Internally, everything was replaced or renewed, keeping the French-provincial style as much as possible. Ms. De Viana Fernandez spent hours searching online websites for the right faucets, shades and decorations. Many items were sourced from France, such as the blue pain, to ensure authenticity.

The buyers are a local family who, according to Michael Kollosche, who sold the property together with his colleague Brad Coyne, had been looking for a large piece of land by the river for some time.

The renovation included a redesign of the pool and pool house.

“They watched [the property] a while before we finally decide to move, ”said Kollosche.

He said the property has drawn multiple prospects since it was launched, but the owners have been keen to get it to the right buyer and are glad they can give it to someone who will enjoy it as much as you do .

The buyers were looking for a house by the river.

The Original Gold Coast Mansion post will sell for $ 6.2 million in fiscal year-end and will be published first on realestate.com.au.

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